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I’m fucking pissed off today. I’m pissed off that the awesome Tumblr friends I’ve made from the ladies of online dating are getting screwed over by a site that values abusive pieces of shit over protecting its honest, worthwhile members.

I’m pissed off that there’s one more place in the world that gives tacit approval to men behaving like utterly horrendous, abusive assholes.

I’m pissed off that these pathetic excuses for men are toddling along through life without a care in their heads, in the surety that this world doesn’t care about holding them accountable.

Please send the most horrible examples you have of guys being abusive on OKCupid to fckokcupid@gmail.com. If you already know that they haven’t been banned after a report was made that’s even better. And if you can include a screenshot/copy of said report with any responses from OKC that’d be the absolute best. I can edit out your identifying information for you, or feel free to do it yourselves.

I’m already setting up an OKC account so I can get evidence that at the time I submit this evidence to various online media platforms, their profiles have not been removed,

P.S: Please don’t tag this with OKCUPID, OKC, or any other variation in any reblogs, since recent actions taken by Tumblr seem to suggest that they may be cooperating with the dating site.


Yass!! I’m gonna go look through my old posts and find some shit and take a look at if they’re still on the site!

Good. I haven’t used OKC in years but it was pretty awful back then and I just wanted to take fun little quizzes!

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Alright folks, starting tomorrow I will be pretty inactive for a couple days. I’m having a hysterectomy and will be pretty drugged up in the hospital until Friday morning. Keep up the good fight with all the current shit going on. Tag me in important things, and this weekend I will catch up on everything I’m missing.

I hope your recovery is quick!

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Is her account here gone for anyone else????

Yeah it’s gone for me too….

Oh no!! 😥

Yep, they terminated me! 😦

Those fuck wads!!! what fucking bullshit

What on earth?

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I have endured 24 hours of men telling me they want to fuck my daughter, that I am an old hag who’s pussy is dried up, I’m a bitch, that they want to kill me and reported them all to okcupid. What happened? I got banned and all of the pedophiles, rapists, and abusers still have accounts. This is a terrible site!

Fuck okcupid seriously

That’s horrific.

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New York Police Arrest Woman During News Interview for Speaking Out

In a chilling display of police intimidation, Rochester police dressed in riot gear snatched a woman away as she was conducting an on-camera interview with a news reporter during a protest against police abuse in New York Saturday night.

“I’m not going to hit anybody, I’m not going to shoot anybody. I’m going to speak to you, I’m going to use my words. I’m going to articulate myself because the message needs to be heard, the message is important. We don’t need this exact format, we need us to come out in numbers, we need more Rochesters.”

#Justice #BlackLivesMatter #NYPD #StayWoke

Make this Viral! #BlackLivesMatter  

OMG signal BOOST! #BlackTumblr #BlackLivesMatter 

Spread this! 

Boost ! Boost !

What happened to freedom of speech?

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reblog if u think its shitty to bite someones ankles


trying to prove a point to my cat

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Hi Mr. Gaiman. I’m a huge fan, but I suppose that’s not what this ask is for. I was wondering something about the “American Gods” show (for which I am very exited.) When I was going through the cast list I didn’t see anybody cast as Sam or her sister, nor an actor for Hinzelmann. I was wondering if the show will feature the story of Lakeside and it’s inhabitants. Thank you very much for your writing.


Not in the first season.

First season? As in …. A second?

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