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Welp. hiya! Finally got back into tghis blog aster years of confusion and I’m gonna try to continue where I left out with the recap of Jake Finds out!. The first 8 books in the series (the ones that actually … Continue reading

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I need this in my life.

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nokay-stupid: casassy91: casassy91: This is sad… It’s sad that a social media platform like Tumblr would ban its users for absolutely no reason. Nothing in the Terms and Conditions violated… Nothing but massive support behind them for the wrongful termination … Continue reading

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ok but what if you married whomever was on your *phone* background

plentyoffelipes: queerandcoffee: feralwomanscreaming: is-not-even-funny: indian-men-on-the-internet: sladevegas: double-rods: sinciliving: politicallyincorrectpug: badger-actual: dieselcole44: bo-zel: colts-corgis-cascades: oldsoulactual: gray-firearms: red-dirt-roads: americandisneyprincess: saint-louis-is-awful: americandisneyprincess: saint-louis-is-awful: renegadebusiness: My cat the colour blue The moon They do say there is a man on the moon I’m gonna … Continue reading

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42yoblogger: My favorite post today! 😂😂😂

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the-boys-of-online-dating: duskonokc: unwantedawkward: Soooooo apparently I’m banned from OKC. I’m pretty sure it was this guy who caused it, because he specifically said in our interactions that he reported me.  Since I can’t get back in and screenshot, here is … Continue reading

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elfies-dating-misadventures: 42yoblogger: nofuckinwaycupid: itsabsolutelynotokaycupid: And finally (this is several minutes later, with more begging between), our hero delivers a punchline that literally had my boyfriend doubled up with laughter and thus, I title this venture: when manbabies want attention & … Continue reading

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