This is sad… It’s sad that a social media platform like Tumblr would ban its users for absolutely no reason. Nothing in the Terms and Conditions violated… Nothing but massive support behind them for the wrongful termination of their account for exposing OK Cupid for its sexual discrimination and harassment.. I’m ashamed of tumblr. I’m a newer blogger, but I won’t be keeping my account for much longer. Not when they’re terminating honest and good people for absolutely no reason. #fucktumblr #whatajoke

Get this out there. We can’t even feel safe with it own blogs anymore…

Backing up into a private WordPress account just in case, because a mirror account is against WP’s TOS.  @indian-men-on-the-internet the Tumblr backup link didn’t work 😦

I had no idea. You could back up to work. Gonna deffo do that. Thanks!


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