ruh roh


She tweeted a DM by accident. The whole Twitter racism thing was a publicity stunt.

It’s a fake screenshot you gullible-ass turds. Besides the fact that tons of them were made, the incorrect spacing, missing elements that all real tweets contain, the fact that nobody talks this way, the fact that nobody else saw this tweet when it ostensibly went up, the fact that nobody would need to fake racism when she received it from readily observable real accounts and the preposterous convenience of her specifying “the racist ones” like “AH YES, THAT FAKE RACISM WE WROTE WITH WHICH TO FOOL PEOPLE, INDEED, THAT RACISM, WHICH WAS FAKE, THE FOOLS!” this “screenshot” shows 498 retweets and zero of them exist. Also, the guy shown responding to it was a douchebag actually shitting on her and still confirms it was fake.

One google would have shown you so and spared you guys the humiliation. Oooooooooooooops!!!!! OOPS!!!

OP is a Nazi too omg

Ruh roh.

People actually believed this was real? It looks so fake to me and I use Twitter twice a year! Good grief. Some people are such desperate toerags.


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