contrary to popular belief hypersexuality is not some cute kink that gets cured by fucking a couple times and masturbating lmao. 

it’s intrusive thoughts, it’s repulsion and feeling like you don’t own your own body, it’s the lack of control that leads you to do things you often regret, it’s being unable to feel validated unless people find you sexually attractive, it’s thinking about sex nonstop but not actually wanting to have sex with someone, it’s being unable to say no towards sexual advances, it’s being unable to separate romantic affection from sexual attraction, it’s often but not always the result of trauma or rape, it’s abusing your own body to fulfill the neverending itch, it’s forcing yourself to fuck people you don’t even know/hate because it’s better than nothing, it’s not pretty. but only hypersexual people can define what it means for them. 

you’re not hypersexual because you once fucked more than once a day. you’re not hypersexual because you have a few unusual kinks. you’re not hypersexual just because you’re a “man” or whatever patriarchal bullshit teaches men that the only thing they care about is sex. don’t go around around throwing the world lightly when you have no idea about the reality behind it. 


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