Men are fucking disgusting, part 2485726364784483762367472636474

What the ACTUAL fuck?

do…men understand that you cant just….buy birth control…in the store………….like condoms?????? you…cant really shop around…for birth control?????

Also you don’t like??? Take MORE??? Because you’re having a ton of sex??? Like you always take the same amount wtf

men are so fucking oblivious we need better sex ed

“Don’t know how to shop” I’m physically repelled omg

The stupidity hurts my soul…like really dude??

How do you shop for a prescription? Like, i had to go through 6 different types of birth control before I got one that didn’t have terrible side effects. I also can’t have birth control with estrogen because that could cause a stroke due to migraines. So this shopping around is laughably stupid but horrifying.


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