What are the important safety steps to take when meeting someone that you met online? Particularly a dominant male. As much as my heart says trust, I still want to be smart about it.





Meet in a public place.

Make sure you know his full name.

Make sure a friend knows where you’ll be.

Arrange a check-in call with that friend.

Wear hideous underwear.

@subgirlygirl, any other tips?

Thanks for asking! 😃 I agree with and do everything you said (except the underwear part), but I have a few more…

I never give out my phone number. EVER. Not until I see the whites of their eyes and know I want to see them again. In the past I’ve given it out prematurely and on a few occasions ended up dodging calls – or being stalked. You can learn a lot from a phone number. Don’t share it.

I don’t give out my full name, but I fully expect theirs. Unfair? When you earn 72 cents to my dollar, we’ll talk about fair. In the meantime I’m going to see if LinkedIn tells the same stories, and if Facebook shows pics of you and the wife you said you don’t have.

I meet in a public place, of course. Plenty of restaurants and pubs have seating where you can talk privately. If he insists, says he wants to go somewhere PRIVATE private? Thanks, I’m good. Smile, smile, glad you don’t have my number, gee I really should go, smile. If you’re there for shenanigans, cool cool… Go, you! But there’s plenty of time for that, and I’m not playing risky on a first date.

Sometimes I take pictures. Most elaborate photo ‘session’? I’d been chatting with someone online and finally met. He wanted to take a drive up the Gorge to a brewery – about 45 minutes away. I’ve watched enough Law & Order to know you never, EVER go to a second location… but I reeeeally wanted to! So, I took a picture of him holding up his driver’s license – you could see every detail. Then I took a picture of his car – including the license plate – and texted the photos to a friend who works for the police department. As a cop, he thought I was hilarious – and smart. (And for the record, yes it was a gun pressed against my hip… AND he was happy to see me.)

Bottom line? Do whatever you feel is necessary to keep yourself safe. If someone gives you a hard time about it, pushes you to do something you’re not comfortable with, or in any way tries to manipulate the situation, cancel the date. A dominant man would not want you to feel uncomfortable, and he wouldn’t put you in a potentially dangerous situation.

This should get a bajillion reblogs

Such wonderful advice!! I have totally taken a picture of a drivers license and made sure the person knew I was sending it to a few people! 


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