Take a look at this horse shit, friends. Tumblr user @deadintheriver decided to drop this shit off in my inbox completely unprovoked. So I responded and blocked the cunt, because I’m not in the mood to deal with this stupid fucking shit right now. I’m so sick of “but you messaged back?” Fuck yeah, I did, and I always will fight back when some dumb bitch tries to get shitty. Fuck you, get the fuck out of my face.

What a cunt. Instead of spending his time sending shit like this to you he could do something actually productive, like message the assholes who sexually harass women and tell THEM to change their behaviour, they are after all the actual problem, @feralwomanscreaming myself and many other women would not need to respond aggressively if men didn’t send us fucking disgusting, rapey messages. My second suggestion of a more productive way for him to spend his time would be to go set himself on fire.

@creepsinsingapore, THANK YOU. That’s exactly what I was thinking, but I didn’t have the patience to deal with this stupid shit today, so I just blocked the cunt. Thank you for the support!❤

Cunt is a completely accurate term here. You do not come to HER inbox and take some BS sanctimonious tone and give her The Wisdom. Then you don’t like her response. Get the FUCK out. 

Also, fucking HILARIOUS that they think they can get your account deactivated by posting this conversation “without their consent.” That is actually the funniest thing. Tumblr doesn’t ban the creeps that are nazis, anti-women, racist, anything else you can think of- do you REALLY think they’re going to ban @feralwomanscreaming for posting something that YOU sent her? Hilarious. Not happening. Get the fuck over yourself. 

lmao ohh @deadintheriver you silly little thing, why would you think that 1. your “advice” was wanted or needed or that 2. a threat you can’t follow through on was a good idea?

I think I have a headache from the eye roll that happened when I read that threat! LOL @feralwomanscreaming that “but you messaged back” shit is getting really old for me as well. It’s just an attempt to dominate and get us to shut up and let them abuse. An attempt that will always fail because we are going to continue to stand up for ourselves and fight back! ❤ you! 

Most of the points I wanted to make have already been made, so I’m just gonna leave this here and hope he pulls his head out of his ass before he does something stupid again. Like trying to tell my girl how to conduct herself.


@fuckboyfiles @40yodater @duskonokc I checked out this guys blog and he made a post about the exact same exchange that feralwomanscreaming made, only he is saying that her becoming angry and upset over his “genuine good faring advice ” was disrespectful. He honestly believes he has the right to dictate women’s behaviour and that they should be greatful to him for his “advice” on how we should behave.

I love you all so much! Thank you for the support! This stupid fuck definitely tried to bite off more than he could chew! @fuckboyfiles @duskonokc @40yodater @fedupwithcupid @creepsinsingapore @morgandnb I wasn’t really feeling up to indulging this asshole’s misogynistic bullshit, and you all took him down! I love you all!

Literally nothing on the Internet has an expectation of privacy. The media cries that to stop nudes getting leaked you shouldn’t take them. Do you really think any company, let alone Tumblr, gives a shit about messages that you voluntarily send to someone? When they don’t give a shit about The Actual Law??

Keep fucking the fuckboys, @feralwomanscreaming. You’re amazing.

Another example of idiots on tumblr not knowing what harassment means. Seems common.

Another stupid little cunt who doesn’t understand that the dynamics of her kink doesn’t apply to the rest of the world. Seems common.

@alien-cumslut-princess Look, little kid. You need to shut up. This is easy: You don’t like the content of a blog, stay away from it and follow something that you, actually, enjoy. See? Again, if you need me to give you dictionary I can do it, they are quite cheap. So you can use it to amplify your vocabulary that seems to be lacking.

And as Feral said: The dinamics of your kink don’t apply to the rest of the world. Keep blogging about your kink and let the adults blog about whatever the fuck they want to blog about, becauseit has no bearing on your life. Fucking idiot.

@is-not-even-funny Thank you!

Ugh, that chick again? I had to block her because her blog was so fucking pitiful in its attempt to be edgy. Cringeworthy.


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