Sounds like you can’t handle rejection tbh, why set up all these barriers just to reject whoever tries sneaking past them. Nice guys don’t wanna jump through hoops because you’ve put them there and said jump. You’re just fantasizing about this gauntlet style relationship application more than the end result. Go get a white knight before some guy catches up with you, can get him to defend your honour and shit.






Ok this is one of the most stupid messages I’ve received here yet. Lol

I set up boundaries… To reject people who try to sneak past them…?!? Are you a fucking idiot..?
I set up boundaries to find people who fit in them already!! Lol
So yeah, of course I’m going to reject anyone who “tries to sneak by”… I don’t even understand this. I’m allowed to have distance and age limits and I don’t owe anyone anything, especially those who don’t fit in them but try to talk to me anyway…

You don’t know fuck all about me from my blog of fuckboys… You think these are the only conversations I’ve ever had with guys or something?? Like I’ve never also had good interactions and even dates…? You’re a special kind of a stupid.

Also, I actually handle rejection super well, not like it’s any of you business, but I’ve been asking guys out since I was a teenager and if they say no, I say ok and move on with my life, if I like someone I let them know, and if they reject me, that’s perfectly ok because there are thousands more people who do like me. 💁🏼 but.. This is about me rejecting guys, not them rejecting me.. So again, wtf are you on about?

What does me having boundaries have to do with me not handling rejection at all…? Like really.. Many men fit inside those requirements..

Honestly seems like you’re some butthurt fuckboy that was rejected and are saying it must be because I’m insecure.. Which never makes any sense at all.

Tl;dr: I have boundaries because I want to find someone who’s inside them, idiot. Not looking to make anyone “jump thru hoops” I’m looking for someone already in my damn hoop..

Lol seriously, what a stupid non-sense anon hate.

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LOL! No, seriously LOL! This is so ridiculous that I actually laughed! “Nice guys don’t want to jump through hoops because you’ve put them there and said jump” This… what does that even mean???? So now our boundaries are “hoops” that we are asking people to jump through??? So we are now asking “nice guys” to speed time up or slow it down? Last time I checked you really can’t jump through the “hoop” of not meeting someone’s age range! I seriously am dying laughing over this! Thanks anon, that laugh was definitely needed! 

Anon, please explain to me why it’s so bad for women to have both boundaries and standards? The answer of “because it means nobody will fuck me” is not acceptable, I’m afraid.

Please tell me why it’s bad for women to feel comfortable and safe.

Please explain why it’s bad for women to be choosy about who they date.

And please explain what, exactly, happened in your life to make you think that sending @fatanddating this anon hate was at all appropriate, or why you thought it’d make you look good.

I’ll wait.

Heh yes. That’s exactly why they hate that we have boundaries! “I don’t fit in them so that means you’re dumb for having them” 😒

They feel so entitled to our time and attention that instead of seeing that the boundaries don’t include them and then saying ‘oh ok’ and moving on, they huff about how they’re ‘hoops to jump through’. Like no, you don’t fit the boundaries, so go away.

Not everything and everyone is for you, dudes! Sometimes there’s gonna be stuff that doesn’t include you! The fact that they don’t understand this and assume our boundaries are some kind of elaborate maze we made just for them is mind-boggling.

This jabroni is unironically using “white knight” and “nice guy”, lol.


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