Can I ask this feminist blog why women don’t like me? You guys always talk about equality but I’m single. I am a great, nice guy. I am handsome, intelligent, I have a decent looking penis. I can cook if she doesn’t want to and they can be a housewife because I make great money. I am a SJW, I care about everything. I even listen to feminine music and I am okay with lady products. I think I have great qualities to me and I try so hard







Wow. This is a hot mess, so instead I’m gonna ask y’all to tag yourselves.

I’m the decent looking penis.


I’m “lady products” because I assume they are referring to the ritual dagger and can of mace that ladies receive the first time their knees distract a man

Oh my god

This is horrible, the person, though embarassing to ask a feminist for anything, asks for help and you all just laugh?

Oh god yes, I am going to laugh. If you’re going to message me telling me that women should love you because you’re an SJW with a decent penis and who likes feminine music and l"lady products, no fucking way am I going to take you seriously.


I’m the great money this dude is allegedly making.

I’m the decent looking penis *snicker*


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