It fucks me off that this photo is still going around, why is this “nice guy” still getting championed for being a total creep

quote credited to tumblr user deadlydinos


Reblogging for the fixed version because that guy was beyond creepy.

I dunno but part of the behavior pf the girl was pretty bitchy, I mean, just a simply “no” to the boy would have ended all those things. Throwing away his letters? Thats awful, she could just like I dunno: “Hey thanks, but I don’t feel comfortable with all this” and just simply give the letters back to the boy. When he asked her to dance she could just said “no thanks” and that would be it, what she did was so bitchy and awful. The tickets for a concert of her favorite band? Come on! At least she could have rejected them! Instead she just took them and said nothing about it, that was fucking rude, dude, I mean put in the shoes of the boy, he probably worked his ass off to get those tickets and for what? For not even being able to go?. And no, I’m not a boy undercover or some shit like that, I’m a 17 teenager GIRL who has friends that have been through similar situations with a girl. And that fucking piss me off. It’s just what I think, not in all cases the girl is the victim.

^ Though he was probably over persistent his heart was in the right place – I think that his point was that what the girl did was rude – NOT THAT SHE OWED HIM ANYTHING. Do we have to keep putting.

@ebony-nyx Or… You know, he could have moved on because it was abuntantly obvious that she was not interested. Instead he choose to be a creep and kept buying her things and giving her shit that she was not asking for. I know of a case very similar to this and is quite obvious that the girl is not interested but instead the guy keeps insisting (even when the girl has a new boyfriend) and bought her an highly innapropriate ammount of presents for her birthday, were so much that she was not even able to took them home. And now it happens that the creep got a tattoo of her initials?
@hit-nrun You realize that she had made, by her behavior, pretty clear that she was not interested and she was not asking him to buy her presents or give her shit? That was his choice, she owes nothing to him. He could have backed out the first time (as he should) but instead he choose to keep pushing for five years.

@is-not-even-funny I never said she owed him something, I just said that her attitude was pretty bitchy, sometimes guys need to hear the “no” directly to understand. Maybe he tried all those years because he was so in love with her, and a tiny part of him believed that he could have a future with her. He never stalked her or abuse her. I’m just saying that that could have been fixed by talking to the guy and made him understand that she was not interested in him. That is just my opinion.

Well, not showing interest in someone is a sign. If he is not smart enough to understand that when someone doesn’t show interest is because they don’t want anything to do with you is not her fault… Is his. No interest means no interest. She doesn’t wanting to go to his house, that means she is not interested. And he did stalker for five years. He kept pushing with it for five years, even when she gave him no sign of interest. That is literally stalking. He is not the victim, he is a creepy dude that doesn’t know what rejection is.

No, guys DO NOT need to hear the word ‘NO’ directly to understand. @is-not-even-funny is right. His failure to appropriately understand normal social behavior is his fault NOT hers. ‘NO’ is implied until a person actually says the word, ‘YES.’ Not the other way around. Nobody is entitled to anybody else. Ever. Period.

Oh my farts and garters, this horseshit again?


He pestered me for a year straight. I tried to be nice for the first few weeks and then I told him I wasn’t interested. He started waiting outside my classes and if anybody would try to talk to me he would get violently angry. I tried switching classes but he kept on following me around.

To make things worse the teachers thought he was SSSSOOOO nice and SOOOO handsome and I should be so flattered that they ended up giving him my phone number after i’d refused for over 3 months.

He called me constantly. He somehow got my address and took pictures of my house and showed me weeks later. 

I couldn’t get away. Yeah, I threw away his gifts, just like Zoey did. My reason is because I was having so much anxiety that my hair was falling out and I couldn’t sleep. 

Everywhere I went, I expected to see him and the worst part of it was that everybody thought it was totally cool.

It wasn’t and still isn’t

Please know that when someone brags about incessantly giving someone gifts that there is pretty much always more to that damned story.


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