Upon further reflection of things that went down during the interview (i.e., some things that were pretty rude and unprofessional on the interviewer’s part), I have decided not to bother sending writing samples and instead remove myself from the application process at that organization.

Among other things, I was told with complete seriousness that my high graduating GPA was a problem, because they need someone who is social, and how could I be social if I finished with a 3.9?  I’m really proud of my academic achievements and I don’t need that kind of negging. 
Earlier, while I was quietly listening as he explained the position, he then commented that I seemed very introverted, would I be able to interact and outreach with others online?  “Well, I have a ‘secret’ blog with almost 1900 followers that involves a lot of interacting and engaging with others, so I’d say I’m quite good at that.” 
(In case you were wondering, that did slightly change his tune and I hit 1900 by the time I got home!)

Anyway, that brings me to what I have decided to do.
This blog is all about dating, and the shit we get online.  I’m starting an additional Tumblr called “Shit Men Say to Me” which I plan to be, well, shit men say.  All kinds of rude, random shit that has nothing to do with dating.

I’ll post a link once it gets started, and submissions will obviously be welcome.  Additionally, if you’d like to be a moderator, hit me up!  Let’s share our experiences.

I’m going to submit so much to that blog.


Oh man. You are gonna have so many submissions from me.


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