So I know Taylor Swift is a white feminist but I’m kinda annoyed because a lot of people are saying that her and her bf broke up because she needed a new album but people seem to forget that they’re still humans and sometimes relationships don’t work


I don’t like particularly her, but that’s a pretty sad attempt at a joke. Yes, she writes a lot about break ups, but that obviously isn’t everything she does in her life and reducing her life to a cycle of relationships and breakups to make a joke is really rude. It’s none of anyone’s business why they broke up.

That is a ridic attempt at a joke. Yeesh, one of the most ridiculous criticisms of her is that she jumps from relationship to relationship. And you know what?


Good for them for realizing that something wasn’t quite where it needed to be and ending it

There are many, many legit criticisms of TSwift. Anyone who tries to make them about her personal relationships needs to get a live.

“Blank Space” is catchy as hell, though.


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