Does this weird anyone else out or is it just me?…

definitely weirds me out.

Right? Like I’m not accusing the dude of anything fowl going on, but it’s just weird.

It’s probably his daughter. Sometimes lip kisses is normal for the certain families. Like when I was younger my dad would give me lip kisses and sometimes before I got out of the truck for school he would do that. And then one day one of my classmates pointed it out and I immediately asked him to stop with that since someone said something. He understood. But some parents do do that. My dad never did anything to hurt me (molestation or something). It was just our way of saying goodbye or greeting each other. After that it did seem strange to me but then again I do remember doing that when I was young. Now that I’m 20 we do hugs (when I do see him, which is rare because he lives in Juarez). But in some families it’s normal for parents to give their kids lip kisses. And I mean it’s just a peck and nothing else.

My problem isn’t with him kissing his (probably) daughter, it’s that hes using it as his main picture on a dating site. It skeeves me out. I already feel weird when people have pictures of their kids on dating sites. But to have your main picture you kissing your daughter on the lips is just… off putting.

It just makes me think dude is using kid to troll for certain dates. Gross.


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