That bodily autonomy bullshit only makes sense when YOU HAVEN’T literally invited another human being into your body.

You are a few sandwiches shy of a full picnic if you think you can have consensual sex without consequences. I will say it right now. You are a spoiled, few screws loose, idiot if you think you have the “right” to sex without consequences.

You are living in a fantasy world if you think your choices don’t have to have consequences, and your parents FAILED YOU.


The mere fact that you lot want to ignore simple human biology and won’t just take a ride on your own wahmbulance and accept you’re wrong, shows how far we have fallen as a society.

Abortion is only necessary if the mother’s life is in danger. That’s it.

lmao someone doesn’t know how bodily autonomy works, nor can the conjure up an argument without insults.

“I don’t understand how consent works.”

Tag yourself I’m the “FAAAAAAAILED YOU”

I’m the “right” to sex without consequences

I’m the wahmbulance

I’m the few shy sandwiches

I’m the number for whine-one-one.


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