fetus-cakes submitted:

Bleach chapter 662

Bleach has been kinda mediocre for a while but I think the latest chapter should be featured in this blog

first we have a crotch-shot that is just centimeters away from crawling up Yuroichi’s ass

then we have the classic boobs and butt

and then we have the cat-girl pose, the pose itself is not too
horrible but the lightning suggests her clothes have been fried and now
electricity is covering her

maybe I should mention that one shot from chapter 624 as well

it just seems that lately we’ve been staring at Yuroichi’s crotch a
lot for no reason and the weird part is: as mediocre as this manga gas
been getting, it didn’t used to be like this 😦

That sounds disappointing. :

Also holy boobs, butt, and rubber everything.

This is from BLEACH??? How disappointing. I’m at the beginning and really enjoying it.


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