actual t ppl arent asking for special treatment at all. we just want to be respected as our genders and treated the same way as cis ppl of our genders. lgb ppl want the same with straight ppl. its not special treatment for them, why is it for us?






ah yes, trans people want no special treatment whatsoever. just to:

*use women’s bathrooms, at the expense of actual women (and children)

*have everyone else pay for your transition

*force cis people into dating you when they aren’t attracted to you sexually or romantically

*have people use bullshit pronouns for you or risk legal repercussions (NYC law, anyone?)

*have a special place carved out for you in feminism even though you’re not real women and could never understand/truly be oppressed by what real women actually go through

*have everyone pretend that biology doesn’t exist/force women to no longer refer to themselves as such lest you feel ‘triggered’ or ‘dysphoric’

*have anyone that genuinely questions you about anything bullied/harassed/scorned for asking legitimate questions about your movement

….and on, and on, and on.

Transphobic asshole are going to take 40 years off of my life span.

There is a VERY good reason why I blocked this shitty excuse for a page as soon as I looked at it. Yet for some reason I STILL get recommendations for these transphobic blogs…

-Mod Arceus

TERFs are human garbage.

Wow. What a garbage person to say things like that!! Like wtf goes through their head?

Holy crap, what an awful excuse for humanity!!!!


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