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communistbakery: when you see a good post about feminism but then see that the poster has “rad” or “vulva” in their url Advertisements

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thatdiabolicalfeminist: brinconvenient: dusterluster: so i started a new book *drags hands down face* fuuuuuuuuuuck Image is of text which reads: “Emotional loneliness is so distressing that a child who experiences it will do whatever is necessary to make some kind … Continue reading

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thecutestofthecute: stephanieion: So I was taking photos of my cat: and he saw the little “on” light of my camera: and kinda freaked out and tried to grab it: but then: “”I WILL HAVE IT I WILL”  This cat is … Continue reading

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i-was-a-naive-prolifer: boyforbodilyautonomy: feminists-today-people-tomorrow: howprolifeofyou: zinge: reginaeinferos: ragingcommonsense: That bodily autonomy bullshit only makes sense when YOU HAVEN’T literally invited another human being into your body. You are a few sandwiches shy of a full picnic if you think you can … Continue reading

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thedatingfeminist: Stop yourself the moment you justify an abuser’s behaviour with, “but at least they don’t hit me,” or “but they’ve done it less lately,” or “it could be so much worse.” The moment you think that, they’re in your … Continue reading

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actual t ppl arent asking for special treatment at all. we just want to be respected as our genders and treated the same way as cis ppl of our genders. lgb ppl want the same with straight ppl. its not special treatment for them, why is it for us?

the-boys-of-online-dating: 18thcenturyporn: legends-for-choice: legends-for-choice: lgb-should-drop-the-t: ah yes, trans people want no special treatment whatsoever. just to: *use women’s bathrooms, at the expense of actual women (and children) *have everyone else pay for your transition *force cis people into dating you … Continue reading

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eschergirls: fetus-cakes submitted: Bleach chapter 662 Bleach has been kinda mediocre for a while but I think the latest chapter should be featured in this blog first we have a crotch-shot that is just centimeters away from crawling up Yuroichi’s … Continue reading

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