Browsing the DIY section on Pinterest and daw this blog post “Every girl” … Beside the emergency kit, jumper cable and AAA (or CAA for Canadians like me) the rest is useless. I have an umbrella in my purse, but it’s not “to mess my pretty hair” but not to be drenched and cold if it rains.

sexist or just me?

I agree, sounds pretty damn sexist to me! The fact that the title is “every girl” and not “everyone” immediately says “I am about to be really offensive”. I carry an umbrella in my office, in my car, and in my house, because rain happens and I carry a pretty expensive laptop. Screw my hair! A bikini?? Really?? The shoe part is killing me!! Ok, if you happen to wear heels all day you might benefit from a pair of flats, but EVERY GIRL!? And who says night out has to include 6" heels??? Ugh this is so annoying! Oh I forgot the “stylish jacket” part! I keep a big ass comfy old sweater in my car. Screw stylish when I am cold!

The jacket, I forgot! If I keep it in my car, it’s gonna be freezing cold. I just always dress accordingly. I do have ugly ass gloves in my glove box in case I don’t had any and it gets cold.

Gloves! That’s much more helpful than a damn bikini!

A…bikini???? That’s as weird as Cosmo’s use your thong for a scrunchie advice.

Holy crap! Did that really happen!? 😂😂😂

It really did! Supposedly it was a thing all guys loved! *snerk*


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