Allie is the farthest thing from a feminist. I was in the Target in Temecula and I accidentally bumped into you. I saw that it was you and I was so excited and then you said “Watch it fat ass” My heart fell because I admire everything you’ve said online. Fuck you. If you’re going to be a bitch don’t show your face online. At least keep up this illusion that you are a good person



I actually had to look up where that was. It’s in fucking California. I have never visited any state outside of New England. In fact, today I was spending my day in a NE Victoria’s Secret enjoying the semi annual sale. I was not in a random city in California calling a stranger a fat bitch.

This is truly wild.


Maybe you have a long lost evil twin who fat shames people on the West coast. idk, it wouldn’t be any wilder than this ask.

I was once accused of trying to steal a girl’s boyfriend. In Rhode Island. I’ve never been there! The Doppelganger Struggle is real!


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