Handmade Swords – The Gilling Sword

The Gilling Sword took around nine months to be created. Paul Macdonald worked with Owen Bush, who created the pattern welded blade. The blade features the same triple-core form as the original sword. The wrought iron guard stock was provided by and forged to exacting curvature by the Angus based knife-maker Chris Grant.

The pommel and grip fittings were carved to original specifications and detail were traditionally sand-cast in bronze and iron by Fraser at Edinburgh Cast Metals. The Caledonian bog oak was stabilised by Cliff Schooling of Crandart Knives, while the grip fittings and pommel expertly silver plated by Colin Morrison-Ignatieff.

The sword was ordered by an international customer who wanted to reflect a historical family legend where an ancestor of lower nobility cut a man clean in two with his sword in the 9th century. The Gilling Sword was one of the highest quality swords from that period and this is the first time that such a sword has been faithfully reproduced with precise dimensions and authentic materials.

Source: Copyright © 2015 Macdonald Armouries


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