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ha, apparently my sister’s friend is getting booty calls from DMX A Advertisements

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I hate pointless sex scenes.

Ugh,Game of Thrones! Why all the gratuitous sex that adds nothing to the plot? You are making it difficult to get through Season 1.

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“Won’t somebody think of the creepers!?”

When people talk about “creep-shaming, what they’re really trying to get across is that you should put aside your sense of self-preservation in order to not hurt the precious widdle fee-fees of some random-ass stranger. I cannot recommend The Gift … Continue reading

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Watch. Understand that this behavior from power-tripping bullies is NOT uncommon and yes, some of them do go into positions of power so they can bully those who they feel are less than they are. Teacherbully

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innerchrist: What does love or marriage really look like? Yup!

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stfufauxminists: Welp, that’s the governor of the state I currently reside in. What a classy guy. OFFS! Rick Scott redefines horrible. FL Governor Rick Scott Vetoes Funds for Rape Crisis Centers During Sexual Assault Awareness Month

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I don’t think it’s the slightest bit hypocritical to believe in a deity and despise religion.

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