Jake Finds Out Chapter Seven, or Awkward Break-up is awkward.

This has nothing to do with Chatham Island or Making out but when I typed in the URL for some I ended up with wordpenis.com. Hey there, Freud! It led to a dlink search site and search results about the etymology of the word. Huh. I would have expected something much more horrific.

ANYWAY, let’s talk about Claire and how she’s steeling herself to break up with Benjamin. I think this is an interesting situation, most likely because I’ve never lived on a tiny island, BUT they have to be thinking about how the logistics of their break-up will affect The Pullaways. Not because this is necessarily the right thing to do but because it’s…what they’ve done always.

So, on the ferry Claire sits down next to Benjamin and he asks her basically why she isn’t sitting with Jake and Claire starts with her rehearsed break-up speech and Benjamin pretty much mocks her for it. They snark at each other about how Jake will be easier to handle than Benjamin and how (allegedly) Claire thought she was superior to Benjamin, which is kind of true but not necessarily in the way Benjamin is thinking
They bicker for awhile and then Benjamin says this:

“You’re an isolated, lonely, superior person, Claire. You sit there up on your widow’s walk and watch the clouds overhead and the little people down below. And they have to be down below you, that’s the important thing, because you can’t tolerate an equal for long.”


Claire, of course, is pissed because the truth hurts and while he’s being honest and not really cruel, it’s a bit of the punch in the gut, yeah?

Claire the accuses him of being isolated and superior (unfortunately, she does not sneer at the inferiority of his house for not having a widow’s walk) and Benjamin’s like “NO SHIT, Sherlock!”

It’s interesting to me how Claire seems to be offended by the idea but Benjamin just accepts it as the way it is. They’re so perfect and so wrong for each other at the same time. So confusing. It’s like…Claire is Benjamin Linus to Benjamin’s John Locke or something.

Benjamin tells her that her relationship with Jake will last until he finds out the truth. So Claire runs off to murder Lucas and Burke and come back for Benjamin later (*shakes head* SHE DOES NOT! We don’t get into attempted murder until book 7, I believe. And that dude kinda deserved it.)

THEN Benjamin tells her that she’ll come running back to him after dealing Joke and his…inferiority. And he mentions the accident. And her father. I’d actually forgotten that Benjamin figured out that Burke commmitted perjury. Then he tells her that she’ll be the one to tell the truth and she’s confused because he told her that she was isolated, lonely and superior which has fuck-all to do with letting people think Lucas killed Wade. It seriously makes no damn sense to me. Also, he stated explicitly that he knew Burke knew, so it’s not as if he wouldn’t realize that Claire has a pretty good reason for keeping her mouth shut.

For some strange reason, he doesn’t mention this and says that despite her flaws, she’s a good person and will do the right thing, which is just….HOLY GUILT TRIP, BATMAN!

Next up?
Zoey and Benjamin take bets on how long Claire and Jake will last and The Pullaways go to the movies and play silent musical chairs.



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