Jake Finds Out Chapter Six, or What the hell is the point of cursive writing, anyway?

Claire’s Terrible Handwriting:

I swear, I’m going to take a pic of this. It’s THAT bad. It’s a Jessica Ramsey level of irritating, folks!

Anywhoodle, Claire blahs on about the weather because the girl loves the shit out of the weather. Have I mentioned that Claire’s fascination with the weather is actually one of my favorite things in this series? Second to Nina, of course! But yeah, I’ve always found the mental image of this Stereotypical Hot Chick basically eschewing the company of others for storms, really appealing.

So, Claire Bear went to Jake and they made out. This is a bit creepy because he’s all sad-faced over Zoey and Wade. Claire feels guilty because she feels she’s “partly” responsible for Wade’s death. You and the tree, sweetness. Okay SERIOUSLY, though? She was driving. Claire makes the argument that anyone could have been driving, which is so mind-bogglingly stupid that I can’t even believe she thought it. It doesn’t matter what could have happened! She was driving! Next is she going to blame Daisy and Fred for conceiving Wade?

Maybe Claire should ditch the weather and build a time machine! Yeah, I like this. Jake would be so much happier without such a stunning display of douchebaggery to aspire to! YEAH!

She decides to tell Benjamin the next day that it’s quitsies (uh, maybe do that BEFORE you suck face with Jake?) and thinks that it was strange with him because he needed her and Benjamin never needed anybody.


Yes, Benjamin is caustic and cynical, but he does need people. He has Nina read to him when it would probably be a lot less complicated to get books on tape (or CD?) but, yeah. He’s always had this attitude about him, but that’s because when people see a PWD they see someone as less competent. It really sucks. So, in defense you become prickly. For some reason, the idea that Claire thinks this offends me on a personal level. Like, did she ever know him or what? How deep were there conversations before the Lucas/Zoey Mess happened?

Something to think about.


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