Jake Finds Out: I have no idea what to title this post.

Nina calls Zoey and is lectured on how she should have delivered the Letter Of Shame. Nina hems and haws before finally admitting that she saw Claire. I still don’t get this. I understand that she was supposed to deliver it in person, but she couldn’t have left it in the mail box? Did Zoey not even bother to put the stupid thing in an envelope? Probably not.

Zoey starts ranting about she wants to kill Claire for being an evil bitch who cheats (which is kind of hilarious because as far as Zoey knows Claire and Jake sat around and played Parcheesi.) Nina rightfully points out how stupid this is (BLESS HER.) and Zoey admits that she is being a ridiculous, ridiculous hypocrite.

Well, glad THAT’S been settled.

Nina asks Zoey if she’s going to tell Benjamin and Zoey decides not to tell. Oh, Zoey. If only you had said to Jake, “Dude, I’m sorry but I’m just not feeling it and my loins are totes telling me to suck face with your mortal enemy,” you wouldn’t be reduced to passive-aggressively having your friends deliver letters for you. Just a thought.

They back-and-forth over whether they should be pitying Jake because Zoey callously cheated on him or because he’s getting comfort from Claire.


Next up? Claire’s handwriting. Ow, my eyes=(


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