I hate The Shupe.

Aisha is coming home from dealing with Zoey and her Letter of Shame. Aisha is kid of annoyed at being subjected to those icky, icky feelings and in a way I kind of get it, but seriously? It’s not like Zoey was physically restraining her or anything.

So, Aisha is just strolling along, thinking about how tiny and relatively crime-free the island is and then she is accosted by The Shupe on his bicycle. For some reason Aisha thinks it’s a good idea to talk to her stalker instead of shooing him away like a fly. They talk about fate and Christopher sexes up the conversation by calling her a control freak. Ahhh, the stench of romantic talk.

Aisha talks about Zoey’s Jake woes and how she totally knew better and would never allow herself to be ruled by her feelings and Zoey should have known better. (Well, she has a point, but Zoey is all creative and shit and when she cheats it’s because she’s all adorable and shit…or something. Seriously, she’s basically the main character. Anyway, enough ranting about Zoey!)

Christopher tells her that he understands and is actually kind of nice. Then they stop in front of the house he’s staying in and Aisha admires the house’s turret. Christopher invites her up to his room to see his apartment. Aisha accepts for some bizarre reason and subjects herself to the sleazy advances of The Shupe, who she doesn’t like at all.

It’s very sparse and Aisha notices that Christopher has no photos of his family. He tells her that his mom was on drugs and now drinks and his sister is living with some guy who takes all her money. I’m sure this is supposed to paint Christopher in a more sympathetic light, but it just fails. So very hard.

So, they talk about how DRIVEN and DETERMINED he is to prove himself and he provides us with this gem: “I don’t care how impossible it is to succeed. I like it that way. Impossible doesn’t bother me. I like it that way.”

Um, what? If something is impossible, it can’t be done. I can’t figure out if The Shupe is supposed to come off as delusional and stupid or if that’s some really poor writing. What he should have said is: “I like challenges. No matter how tough they are to accomplish, I will always try my best.” See? A great deal less hyperbolic.

Aisha seems to buy this crap hook, line, and sinker. Lurgh, I don’t get what anybody would see in this dude. When he’s not insulting her, he’s indulging in random acts of self-aggrandizement. I find it hard to believe that Aisha would be that hard-up for the company of someone of the dudely persuasion.

“I make a point of getting what I want.”

Seriously? Worst thing to say to a potential date. It’s basically saying that her feelings mean nothing to him and that’s really damn creepy to me. What’s even worse is the fact that it’s framed as a good thing and not a “Wow, this guy is coming off as potentially abusive”-type thing. Not that I’m saying Cristopher is abusive. As far as I remember, there’s nothing to the effect of that in the series. Hell, if anything personality problems aside, Christopher’s main problem is an overabundance of enthusiastic consent. Yeah, so anyway… ll the people who used that line (in regards to people) sucked ice-covered poles. And got their tongues stuck. And it was good, because they finally stopped talking. (I may be making this up.)

Aisha doesn’t see this as creepy or denying her of agency and when Christopher points out that they’re bound to meet up again and says they wouldn’t be able to help it if they accidentally met at the movie theater. Um, seeing as he gave her a date and time, I’m not sure how on-the-mark “accident” would be in this situation. And-and of course she could help it! Aisha could do something other than go to the movies! Like, whatever she had planned before The Shupe mentioned the theater. Then, Aisha proceeds to completely fail Mind Games 101 by insisting that he has not won her over. Except for the fact that she hasn’t told him to leave her alone, so I think that denotes some in terest on her part. The thing of it is, if she wanted to win the game…heh…then she should have given in the first sign she realized she was interested. Now, since she’s basically fighting him on it, when she does give in, he’ll feel like he’s won so much more. Because he’s a kumbaya jerkface and sees women as property.

Nest up: Zoey gets self-aware and realize she’s a hypocrite

Have a good day and may The Shupe NOT be with you.


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