The Evil Twin

I have to confess something. I love this book. It is probably one of the most ridiculous things, but I love it so much.
A doppelganger of twins is pretty awesome, but an EVIL doppelganger that murders her way across the country is just chock full of win.

We have the incompetent lawyer, who on receiving an invitation to practice with a law firm (or something) in San Francisco, doesn’t even call to confirm the appointment! Nope, he just swans off with Alice while their daughters are feuding. The parental neglect is strong with those two.

We have serial killer Margo, who blows up her house and kills her foster sister, drowns her baby-sitting charge (what would Incredulous Kristy say?), strangles an old lady, and leaves a bay motherless when she decides to go GTA on the poor woman (for a catering job, no less!)

We have Lila, who brings her parents back together so much that they get married


We have Jessica having two boyfriends die in SEVEN books!

Happy Horrordays!


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