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I hate The Shupe.

Aisha is coming home from dealing with Zoey and her Letter of Shame. Aisha is kid of annoyed at being subjected to those icky, icky feelings and in a way I kind of get it, but seriously? It’s not like … Continue reading

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The Evil Twin

I have to confess something. I love this book. It is probably one of the most ridiculous things, but I love it so much. A doppelganger of twins is pretty awesome, but an EVIL doppelganger that murders her way across … Continue reading

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This is getting ridiculous.

So, I didn’t win NaNo, but I’m totally okay with that. I wrote more than I have in a long while and I still have some more story to go so that’s pretty nifty. My glasses broke on the 30th, … Continue reading

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