I have been shameful about blogging and for that I apologize. I was tragically bitten by the NaNo bug, which means no editing, just sallying forth and writewritewrite!
I’ve gotten about 15k so far=)
Sadly, I haven’t really had the time to focus on Chatham Island. I should be getting back to the groove in December.
Oh, and I went to my awesome friend Alana’s wedding and hit a book store where I made a purchase of the Katherine Applegate book Making Waves, which used to be called Ocean City.
Now, when I was reading the books I didn’t realize OC actually existed. I knew about Ocean City in Maryland, but it couldn’t be that one because in the fourth book Kate, Chelsea, and Grace are taking a couple hour road trip to NYC.
I walked on the boardwalk! Sadly, there were no hot undocumented Irish immigrants to ogle. Sigh.
I just thought that was an awesome coincidence and felt the need to share. I hope everybody is doing well. See you in December!


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2 Responses to Hi!

  1. bookslide says:

    The Irish are in Cape May.

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