Jake Finds Out Chapter Five, or Jake Begins his Inevitable Downhill Slide

Nina is at Jake’s ready to deliver Zoey’s Note of Misery and Strife. She runs into Claire and they both ask what the other is doing their and Claire says homework and then sees Zoey’s letter when Nina tries to hide.

Claire is (rightfully) pretty derisive abot the whole thing and Nina reminds her of Benjamin and how tacky the whole thing seems to her. Claire makes fun of Nina for her interest in Benjamin and walks away, relieved that if any beans are spilled her BIG-ASS secret will be safe.

Jake is bummed. How bummed? Well, he’s on his fourth beer, moping over mementos of his relationship with Zoey. He wonders if Zoey was always unhappy and it’s very sad. Jake hears a tapping at the sliding glass door and thinks it’s Zoey. He’s kind of disappointed when it’s Claire.

Claire apologizes for not being Zoey. She notices the beer and comments that she thought he would stay away from it since Wade’s death. Then he offers her the last of the six-pack. This means that in the time since this section of the book started he downed beer four and is probably drinking five…or did he already drink five? Either way, that’s quite a bit of beer.

Claire declines the brewski and chats with Jake about past failed relationships. She tells him it’s okay to be upset about Zoey and holds him. (Probably not something Jake got a lot of from Fred or Wade.)

They end up kissing and Jake remembers the first time they kissed and how he felt so guilty about it.

Next up: Aisha learns of The Shupe’s tragic past and Zoey admits she’s a hypocrite.


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