Jake Finds Out Chapter Three, or Stop! It’s Ferry Time!

Hand-written Nina:

Nina tells the sad, sad story of her affection for a guy named Sketch. Yeah, that’s right. Sketch. (apparently, he had a brother named Canvas. I really like that name). Anyway, Nina came up with this great life they would have together and a plan to work her way into his heart. This involved test-cheating, sitting next to him at lunch, and asking Claire to run interference. Yeahhhh, I’m sure you can imagine how well that one worked out. If you guessed that Sketch fell for The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies, you’ve got it in one. Feel proud.

Anyway, the whole point of this rather anvilicious story is that the truth is important and while Nina may have never gotten off the ground with Sketch, she wouldn’t have to deal with the resultant goo-goo eyes.
Is it just me or should Nina be giving Zoey lectures on this?

Chapter Three

On the Ferry
Zoey, Nina, and Aisha are talking about Lucas and the Closet Incident. (Another band name?). Aisha disapproves of Zoey and Lucas and is irritated that she feels as if she is lying. (I feel the need to make a reference to The Angela Incident, which comes up at in Nina Won’t Tell. I think it’s another example of Zoey being ridiculous and hypocritical. Note that she doesn’t suggest that Aisha run right up to Jake and tell about Zoey and Lucas.)

Zoey and Aisha back-and-forth about Aisha having no romance in her soul and Zoey being an overly emotive whiner and then Zoey starts crying because all the DRAMA and the STRIFE! The girls make up and see Jake coming over and Lucas watching. They decide to engage in a loud discussion of tampons, and because Jake is a teenage boy and thinks menstruation is icky. He turns on his heel and scurries away.

Jake and Lucas are in gym class, playing basketball. Jake takes this opportunity to assert his masculinity over Lucas and tries a football move by shoving his shoulder right into Lucas’ chest. Lucas hits the ground and manages to kick Jake in the balls while doing so. Jake gets a ful called on him and goes to sulk at the injustice of being a seething-with-rage douchebag, The class ends and the boys are getting ready to get their shower on. Naked Dudes Showering! Yippee!
Anyway, Jake sees Lucas and starts talking shit and then gloats about the fact that Lucas is getting kicked out of his house. Lucas is surprised that Zoey would be chatting up his home situation with Jake and Jake is shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, that Zoey would be doing chatting of any kind with Lucas.
Lucas rightfully points you that Zoey isn’t his property and should be able to talk to whoever she damn well pleases. Jake responds to this defense of Zoey’s autonomy by attempting to punch Lucas. He fails miserably, as Lucas grabs his wrist and hits him in the neck. He basically tells Jake not to fuck with him and points out that he has spent two years in YA and could cause Jake some serious discomfort. Then he walks away.
Jake is comforted by Cokehead Lars (read Ben’s in Love!) and some guy name Brian. He is horrified by the idea of his chattel property girlfriend talking to Lucas. He vows to find out the truth.

Up Next: Jake goes all Jerry Springer guest at the Weymouth High cafeteria. The results aren’t pretty.


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3 Responses to Jake Finds Out Chapter Three, or Stop! It’s Ferry Time!

  1. Jake McRoyan says:

    I’m so glad you’ve updated! Keep it up!

  2. It’s the funniest show about Nazi-occupied France I’ve ever seen=)

    Well, Jake’s pretty simple right now, so it’s easy=)

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