“Game On,” Indeed!

Spoilers for The Vampire Diaries 2.01IT’S BAAAAACK!

Can I just rave for a bit and say that I love this show’s pacing? Got it? Awesome! Now let’s go over the mind-boggling things that happened.

  • Jeremy is alive! Wait, no! He’s dead! Oh, he’s alive again! Seriously, no characters on this show are entirely safe. So when Damon snapped Jeremy’s neck, I totally thought it was curtains. How many shows are willing to take those kinds of risks?
  • Katherine lurves Stefan best of all…or does she? C’mon, Damn-o! Get with the program!
  • The Lockwood Curse! I hope it’s the same from the books. I really hope that Tyler will be getting more showtime this season
  • Bye-Bye John! John decides to take his vampire-hating ass away from Mystic Falls and gives Jeremy his Awesome Ring Of Supah-Powahs!
  • Damon is evil…again.

May I add that I am so impressed with Nina Dobrev’s acting? Seriously, you knew who was Katherine and who was Elena by the walking.


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