Jake Finds Out Chapter One, or Nobody puts Lucas in the Closet!

Zoey and Lucas are hanging out in Zoey’s bedroom. Lucas is admiring Zoey’s Post-It notes quotes (doesn’t that sound like a band name?) and goes on about how he can imagine Zoey writing at her desk. Zoey puts her foot in her mouth and says that at least he’s not imagining her in bed. Well, I guess that could get kind of creepy. What if he’s imagining her snoring? What’s that you say? He means something sexual? Oh. Well, carry on!

Although with Rule 34 lurking about; it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest to learn that there is snoring porn. The world is a wacky place. Just saying.

Zoey and Lucas start making out and they’re really enjoying themselves until Benjamin knocks on the door and announces that Jake is downstairs. Zoe starts freaking out and Lucas reasonably suggests that they just tell Jake what’s going on and Zoey’s all “It’s not the right time!” and pretty much ignores Lucas when he points out that there will NEVER be a right time. Benjamin agrees and isn’t at all helpful, as he has told Jake that Zoey was waxing her legs. Seriously? That’s the best he could come up with? To add to the ridiculousness, Zoey points out that she doesn’t even shave her legs!

Before Zoey can shove Lucas out the window or something, Jake comes up. Benjamin tells Lucas to get in the closet. Jake starts to try to get Zoey to let him feel up her legs. It ain’t easy being sleazy, you guys!

Jake tells Zoey that she has to get ready for their date at a fancy-schmancy restaurant and Zoey’s like “WTF?!” She protests that she doesn’t have any thing to wear and Jake goes to root around in her closet all the while talking about a blue dress with a slit up the side. Zoey is frantically trying to think of a wa to get him the hell away from her closet and stands in Jake’s way. Lucas hands her the dress and Jake is impressed with how she just reached in and pulled it out. Oh, Jake.

Benjamin finally decides to leave this fun-fest because Nina is reading to him. Jake makes fun of Nina and Benjamin makes a joke about Jake being illiterate. It’s all in good fun, though.

Zoey and Jake start making out and Zoey shuts the closet door because she feels guilty…or something.

When Zoey and Jake are done with their make-out session, Jake goes downstairs so Zoe can get dressed. Zoe feels guilty about stuffing her new love into a closet while making out with her current boyfriend. Luca says that she did what she had to do, which makes no sense. What, exactly, did Zoey have to do? Lie to Jake? Make out with Jake? Both of those things were her choice.

Lucas asks her if she kissed Jake and she says it was the best way to get rid of him. Then Lucas asks if she  is going to spend the night with Jake’s family and she stumbles that it’s been a thing that’s been planned for quite a while. Luca then asks if she’s sleeping with Jake and Zoey says she is definitely a virgin and that even if she had been sleeping with Jake, she wouldn’t be now that she has…whatever it is she has with Lucas.

So, Zoey promises that she’ll tell Jake that it’s over that night. Lucas then takes some time to complain that her dress is low-cut.

Zoey tells Lucas to turn away so she can change. Lucas turns to the mirror and Zoey catches him. Finally, she changes and Lucas thinks that the stars have melted and the sun has imploded and that Zoey is really, really beautiful and stuff.

Lucas then feels bad because he thinks Zoey belongs with Jake and his father wants to get rid of him and that Zoey deserves so much better. He tells Zoey that he wouldn’t mind if she takes a little more time to tell Jake. Zoey says that she just wants to get the whole thing over with. Then she says that just in case he needs to give her something to remember.

And I’m sure it would be really romantic and stuff if Lucas could stop thinking about the fact that Jake had been making out with Zoey just moments ago.


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4 Responses to Jake Finds Out Chapter One, or Nobody puts Lucas in the Closet!

  1. C says:

    Ha! Yeah it’s not very romantic to be kissing a girl you knew just swapped spit with another guy 2 seconds ago.

    One of many reasons why I can’t root for Zoe and Lucas as star-crossed lovers, like I’m supposed to. Zoe’s a ninny. And a coward. And somehow portrayed as an innocent helpless victim. The centre of a love triangle is usually NOT sympathetic to me. Selfish, indecisive people who want-to-have-their-cake-and-eat-it-too (that expression makes no sense – having it and eating it is the same thing, right?) … just make your choice and live with the consequences…sheesh.

    Plus Zoe’s annoying with her romance-novel obsession ….no wonder she makes such stupid shallow lists and romanticizes her situation instead of seeing it for the tawdry, cruel thing it is…CHEATING.

    Any guy(s) who falls for such an immature twit, deserves what he gets though.

    • I much prefer Lucas/Zoey over Zoey/Jake and I think it’s because when we’re introduced Zoey and Jakes, she’s already dissatisfied. As a result, L and Z seem to me a much better fit.

      I actually like the romance novel thing, except for the fact that Zoey isn’t very creative with it. She seems to be trying to base it on her real life which to me is kind of strange. I get there are people who say “write what you know”, but she seems to have taken it to an extreme.

  2. C says:

    Yeah, the author seems to be gently mocking the romance novel stuff, through Zoey’s character… so I don’t really mind it. But I can’t take Zoey seriously either, because she’s so…. childish/clueless/out of touch with real world relationships. Trying to write & turn her life into a romance novel… overdramatizing her feelings for Lucas into this Forbidden Passion, and acting like she’s in a soap opera, y’know? Fact is, Zoey’s just bored with Jake, and she wants a change/excitement, represented by the “Dangerous” Outsider, Lucas, whose main attraction seems to be the fact that everyone disapproves of him. Well *that* sure sounds like true lasting love to me! 😛 What happens when his name is cleared, and he’s no longer mysterious or “new”? She’ll get bored with him too.

    I prefer Aisha’s more practical, rational attitude to Zoey’s immature antics (and I love it when Aisha sorta looks at Zoey like she’s from another planet)… sadly, she won’t be allowed to be above such nonsense for long. 😦

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