Jake Finds Out Book #2 Prologue

Zoey’s written thing:

Zoey is confused about who her boyfriend is. She has Jake and all, but she likes Lucas more and with Island Politics it would be really hard to tell the truth to Jake and just deal with the stupid fallout. Then she considers telling Jake because maybe he won’t care. She quickly realizes she’s being delusional and thinks about Lucas and his impending trip to Magrathea Texas and gets all mopey again and thinks about how she loves Lucas and love could never lead to anything bad, right?

I plead the Fifth, Zoey.

Aisha’s Written thing:

She has no boyfriend! What’s that? The Shupe? Pffft! He’s not anything! If she had a boyfriend it certainly wouldn’t be His Shupeyness!

Nina’s Written thing:

Nina’s nuts about Benjamin. If only he knew she existed, they’d be perfect for  each other.

Claire’s written thing:

Benjamin is technically Claire’s boyfriend, but she isn’t sure if he loves or hates her. He suspects that she was the one driving in the accident that killed Wade McRoyan. Claire now knows that her father used Lucas to cover up the fact that she was driving. If she tells her father could go to jail, if she doesn’t tell, what kind of person does that make her? (I’m going with the kind that has a crappy dad.)

Claire is confused about the decision between Benjamin and Jake.


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8 Responses to Jake Finds Out Book #2 Prologue

  1. C says:

    The writing for Aisha really irritates me. Of *course* she has to fall for the cocky jerk who insults and stalks her. Of *course* the silly girl who thinks she doesn’t need a boyfriend, has to be taught differently.

    Why do I bother with these stupid books? Oh yeah. Nina’s funny.

    And so are your recaps. I’ve been hoping someone would mock this series… there’s so much to snark on.

    • Oh, me too! It drives me crazy that Aisha can be so logical and so stupid when dealing with The Shupe. It really squicks me out about the insults because it’s basically saying that that’s foreplay…or something.

      I love Nina. She’s probably one of my favorite YA characters ever.

      Thank you so much!

  2. C says:

    Well, being insulted is such a turn-on! And deep down women *really* like it when a man takes charge and tells her what’s good for her. And won’t leave her the hell alone. He barely knows her, but he knows her better than she knows her own mind/heart. Yeah.

    I don’t know how far along in the series you are, so I won’t keep ranting about The Shithead Shupe but oooooh I hate him. And his behaviour will get worse! The smug cocky bastard. The hypocritical sexist pig. (OMG, I must secretly be in luv with him!!)

    • I’ve read them all. I only have 9, but I read them when they first came out. Applegate fangirl, me?

      Are you talking about Angela or the fact that after he was beaten, he manspained to Aisha about how bad hate crimes are? (yeah, Aisha, the girl who moved from Boston because a mob OVERTURNED HER SCHOOL BUS!)

      Oh, I’m with you on The Shupe Hatred.

  3. C says:

    Yup, those, plus his hypocrisy in getting possessive and outraged over that other guy she becomes interested in while he’s away …muuuch later in the series… didn’t see anything wrong with seeing other girls without telling her though. (I know at that point we’re supposed to think he’s really in love with and committed to Aisha, but I figure he owes her some understanding and a less self-righteous reaction anyway, considering his past.)

    Not to mention…isn’t Aisha afraid to tell Shtupidhead about her first boyfriend because she thinks he won’t be able to handle the fact that she’s already had sex with someone else? Again with the double standard, since obviously The Shtupper’s had plenty of sex before (and possibly during) his relationship with Aisha. And yet *she* must remain pure and virginal for him!

    • Shtupidhead, LOL. That is so..perfect! Um, I think she was more embarrassed about being so naive with Jeff. She did it, got in trouble, put it behind her, and wants to move on with her life.
      I figured she didn’t bother mentioning it to The Shupe because she wasn’t intending on having sex with him.
      I don’t think he was pissed at her for having sex. I think he was upset because he for some reason felt entitled to that info…which is still pretty damn douchey.

  4. C says:

    P.S. Despite these less-than-feminist inclinations, I like Applegate too…something about her writing style is really engrossing. I remember the Animorphs series just had me *desperate* to find out what happened next. (Too bad about the way it ended though)

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