Ode to Dorkiness

I ordered books 5 &6 of Boyfriends/Girlfriends/Making Out today. I am ridiculously excited about this. At the rate I keep going with my SwagBucks gift cards, I’ll be ordering book 8 on the 30th. I’ve decided to pretend that 1-8 are the only canon that matters. HEE! I’m getting them in their original so-early-’90’s-it-hurts covers! SQUEE! I like the originals so much better than the newer versions. So, they should be coming at the end of next week.

I also picked up Wild Hearts Forever by Cherie Bennett. I vaguely remember this series, but I haven’t seen it in forever. I did a little dance in Goodwill upon finding it.

I have to hunt down March through December of the Countdown series and I’ll be happy.

It’s strange. I have only one book to go before I finish up my Sweet Valley High collection, but I can’t bring myself to buy it. The reason? I started these books when I was 10 or 11. I’ve wanted all of them for over 15 years and if I get this last one…it’s over. Yes, I know it’s ridiculous! It’s not even one of the “good” SVH books!


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