Soooo, hi?

I actually forgot the password to this blog. This is ironic for many reasons. Now, I have it stored in my browser, so such mishaps won’t happen again. Woohoo!

Right now, I’m reading Promises In Death by JD Robb. I don’t know, but the last one was kind of painful to read. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the characters and all, but the books just kind of seem to run together since after Creation In Death.
This one is where Amaryllis Coltraine is killed and I think it’s kind of a cheap choice foor a character death. The only investment the reader has had with Coltraine is her relationship with Morris and her dying is kinda sad, but that’s it. I think the impact would have been greater if it had been someone like Webster or Trueheart. Just my opinion.


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2 Responses to Soooo, hi?

  1. dustkitten says:

    I couldn't figure out where I was in that series again if I tried.

  2. All of the recent ones seem to be kind of meshing together. Except for Creation in Death. That may be one of the best.

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