Monthly Archives: March 2010

Can’t you see I’m trying to be awesome here?

03/27 = book sale at BFL.Whee!I’m going to be recapping January by Daniel Parker in starting in April. Those books did not get nearly enough love and this makes me a sad panda.I posted myy book shelves on LJ and … Continue reading

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I’ve started Fantasy In Death. Video games and murder, ooooooh! I would have gotten much farther if I hadn’t had that stupid migraine. Oh well. Next book in the series is in November, I think.

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Ode to Dorkiness

I ordered books 5 &6 of Boyfriends/Girlfriends/Making Out today. I am ridiculously excited about this. At the rate I keep going with my SwagBucks gift cards, I’ll be ordering book 8 on the 30th. I’ve decided to pretend that 1-8 … Continue reading

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Soooo, hi?

I actually forgot the password to this blog. This is ironic for many reasons. Now, I have it stored in my browser, so such mishaps won’t happen again. Woohoo! Right now, I’m reading Promises In Death by JD Robb. I … Continue reading