Freshman Truths

KC meets her mother and discovers her mother’s past alcoholism. She deals with this by getting completely shit-faced on Russian vodka. Oh, and a DJ she barely knows trys to get her deepest, darkest secrets.

Liza and Rich are happy. SQUEE! Oh, wait! Rich totally wants revenge on L for swiping his dummy and stuffing him under a bunch of coats and ruining his chances to be on TV. Rich, of course, discovers this after L’s interview with Cody.

Kimberly is accused stealing money from the dorms.Why? Basically, because she’s black. Guess who the thief is? Melissa! Kimberly gets her rage on in an interview with Cody (for a guy that just showed up last book, he sure gets around fast!)

Lauren gets sick of the poor pitiful me shtick she had going on with Melissa and decides to actually live her life.

Courtney still chases Dash, even though he has no interest in her. Finally, she gets over it and take a job with finance whiz Eric Sutter.


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