Freshman Dorm Book Cover Fail

So, in the Freshman Dorm book series there is a character by the name of Lauren Turnbell-Smythe. She is described as having light brown hair and being chubby…and apparently the most heinous choice for the “Trash Your Room mate Dance”

I have to ask, though. Why in the purple crap is the girl portraying Lauren blond and not in the least bit chubby?


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3 Responses to Freshman Dorm Book Cover Fail

  1. bookslide says:

    Well, as we all know from Mike, people have different definitions of "light brown"–also, yeah, not chubby at all.We should "cast" Freshman Dorm!!

  2. It's strange because on some of the books the lighting makes it look like it could be brown…ish. On the others it is very definitely BLOND.That would be fun! I acxtually think they did a pretty good job, I mean especially with Winnie and Liza…except now that I think about it I'm pretty sure Liza is supposed to be overweight, as well.Dear Book Publishers, it is okay to put overweight people on the covers of your books. Some of us happen to be smokin' hot.Love, meOkay, who would you cast as KC?

  3. bookslide says:

    Kristy from the Baby-Sitters Club.Er, I mean…old-school Jennifer Connelly.

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