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New Anita Blake Book Covers

These are so atrocious. The best AB covers were the old Ace ones. You know the ones that actually have vampires and zombies? Yeah, those. Now, you’re stuck with cobers with circulars saws and claw marks that look like nails. … Continue reading

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Next Book!

I’ve decided that the next book I will recap will be in the Countdown series by Daniel Parker Don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of it. The plot goes thusly, what if everybody over 21 melted into a puddle … Continue reading

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Freshman Dorm Book Cover Fail

So, in the Freshman Dorm book series there is a character by the name of Lauren Turnbell-Smythe. She is described as having light brown hair and being chubby…and apparently the most heinous choice for the “Trash Your Room mate Dance” … Continue reading


Late on recap again.

Urgh! I really need to finish up Zoey Fools Around. I start it and get so disgusted with Joke’s behavior and it makes me D: I really want to use this to chronicle the cheesy books I read and random … Continue reading

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